What I use

my office

Desk Setup

  • My main desk is a Masterlift 2 adjustable standing desk.
  • My office chair is a used Hermann Miller Aeron in size B.
  • Since this year I am using a Macbook pro 16". It is the best computer I ever owned.
  • My monitor is the LG 32UD59-B with a 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  • I use the roost laptop stand for my Laptop at home and when I travel.
  • I use the Apple magic mouse and magic keyboard.

Terminal and Editor

  • My favorite editor these days is VS Code. I do nearly all my coding in it. I use the Default Dark+ Theme.
  • I still use Sublime Text 3 from time to time.
  • My Terminal is the good old iTerm 3. I use it together with Oh my zsh and the smt theme.
  • I have a lot of custom stuff and aliases in dotfiles.

Apps & Productivity

  • My most important tool these days is 1Password which keeps track of all my passwords.
  • I use Todoist to keep track of my tasks and daily chores.
  • For my writing and taking quick notes I use iA Writer.
  • I use Spectacle as my window manager.
  • Bartender keeps my OSX menu bar clean and organized.
  • Dropbox helps me to sync and backup all my important files across devices.
  • I love Docker because it helps me to keep my dev machine clean.
  • Sometimes I use Homebrew to install missing packages on OSX.
  • Flux improves the quality of my sleep when working late on my computer.